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This Month's Webcast Schedule
Another full slate of webcasts for NewEra products, 
including new z Exchange webcasts.

LINK to z Exchange Presenters' Slides and Recordings

NewEra Product Webcasts
Tuesday, May 17 and Tuesday, May 31 at 12 pm EDT (9 am PDT)
What the Heck is ICEDirect?
ICEDirect is a web-based application platform that uses a secure TCP/IP connection between its z/OS-resident web server host and an internet browser to access NewEra’s Integrity Controls Environment (ICE) information - Image FOCUS (IFO) and The Control Editor (TCE) and system administration tools - z/OS and RACF.

The z Exchange Webcasts
Thursday, May 19
12 pm EDT (9 am PDT)
Re-imagine managing your z/OS systems using the z/OSMF Management Services Catalog
Presenter: Sunny Anand - IBM
Today, z/OS day-to-day administration requires specialized z/OS System programming skills. This session talks about how z/OS Management Services Catalog revolutionizes z/OS system management with easy-to-use modern interface. We will demonstrate how you can transform the way you manage your z/OS environment with z/OS Management Services Catalog. Completing z/OS management tasks is now simpler than ever for early tenure system programmers. This cloud-like interface helps systems programmers of all skills be self-sufficient and productive using services. 

Wednesday, May 25
12 pm EDT (9 am PDT)
Key Rotation - Who? What? When? Where? Why? (But not necessarily in that order)
Presenter: Greg Boyd MainframeCrypto 
Key rotation is a necessary evil with cryptography. Good crypto practice says that you WILL change your keys periodically. How often is 'periodically'? And does that mean all keys (master keys & operational keys)? And what does that mean from an operational perspective?

For technology to be useful, it must be understood.
It is this understanding of z/OS that is the mission of The z Exchange.